Thursday, December 31, 2015

Previewing the projected field - Ryuukokudai Heian (Kyoto)

Ah, Heian is back yet again. One of the multiple 5 kanji schools in Kyoto (I always seem to make a point of that, but it's something I notice because the schools are always in contention).

Heian for the most part was like Akashi Shougyou - they managed to dodge most of the schools in their prefectures only needing to pass through Fukuchiyama Seibi in the finals and they did that with ease too. In fact, they basically breezed their way through until they suddenly ran into a wall in Shiga Gakuen (of all schools).

Their ace, Ichioka Souma (市岡 奏馬) supposedly throws average (low-mid 130s) with a slider and curve. The peripherals are nothing to write home about, and his stamina can be put into question with him and reliever Oono (who by the way didn't record an out in the loss), issuing 12 free passes in 7 innings.

Offensively, while the team does get their fair share of hits, its not surprising that the middle of the order is where their strength lies. This includes SS Nishikawa Hirotaka (西川 寛崇), and 1B Hashimoto Kazuki (橋本 和樹). They also certainly benefited from free passes in many of their victories - something Shiga Gakuen limited and once again perhaps will be a weakness of the school in their chances of taking the senbatsu title.

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