Thursday, December 24, 2015

Previewing the projected field - Inabe Sougou Gakuen (Mie)

Inabe Sougou Gakuen, not Mie, is the Mie representative that makes it to senbatsu. They did so showing mixed form, losing to Kaisei, but then redeeming themselves by defeating Oogaki Nichidai and then revenging their loss to Kaisei before blowing a 6-run 1st inning lead to Touhou, falling 10x-9 in 10.

It appears that their ace is Yamauchi Tomoki (山内 智貴). But they're generally using several pitchers in a game, the main option being Watanabe Keigo (渡辺 啓五) who may throw up to the low-140s, but also includes Mizutani Yuu (水谷 優), Tamura Rei (田村 玲), and Watanabe Yuuki (渡邊 祐希). But I don't have any information of any of them outside of the small blurb on Watanabe Keigo. That's actually a bit disturbing because no information is bad because it means they're generally not worth covering. AND THEY'RE THE RUNNER-UPS!

Offensively the only consistent batter is their cleanup hitter, LF Fujii Ryouma (藤井 亮磨) who either recorded a hit or an RBI in each of their last 6 games. There are some videos of games, nothing official, and nothing that helps identify players. Now there is also leadoff batter RF Miyazaki Yuuto (宮崎 悠斗) who has recorded multiple hits in several games, but has been held hitless at times.

With the lack of videos and information, as well as the close games they had throughout against average competition, their chances at Senbatsu are probably slim.

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