Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reviewing the field - Tohoku champs Sendai Ikuei

Sendai Ikuei comes into Senbatsu as probably the favorite to beat - this despite the fact that they weren't even the qualifier out of Miyagi (that was Rifu, by the way).  What is even more impressive is that in their 16 games, they lost only once (that was early on to Seiwa Gakuen), and only one other team was within 5 when the siren sounded (that was Urawa Gakuin after they lost 4-1 in the Meiji Jingu title game!).  All this while beating teams such as the aforementioned Rifu, Tohoku, Hachinohe Gakuin Kousei, and Kyushu Gakuin.

Leading the way is staff ace Satou Sena (佐藤 世那). He throws right around 140, and reportedly actually has a forkball, sinker and splitter instead of the usual curve and slider.

Offensively, the team looks to catcher and cleanup batter Gunji Yuuya (郡司 裕也). He was 5-12 in the Meiji Jingu taikai and drove in 6 runs. The person who really revved things up as the tournament progressed was #3 batter Hirasawa Taiga (平沢 大河). Despite being the SS, he hit 5-10 with a 2B, 3B and a HR plating 5. That 3-4 combo may be a force to be reckoned with.

The roster as of the Meiji Jingu tournament was as follows:
  1. P Satou Sena (佐藤 世那)
  2. C Gunji Yuuya (郡司 裕也)
  3. 1B Sasaki Ryousuke (佐々木 良介)
  4. 2B Yatsu Koudai (谷津 航大)
  5. 3B Satou Shouta (佐藤 将太)
  6. SS Hirasawa Taiga (平沢 大河)
  7. LF Kii Kaishuu (紀伊 海秀)
  8. CF Aoki Reima (青木 玲磨)
  9. RF Sasaki Tooya (佐々木 柊野)
  10. (P) Domeki Yuuki (百目木 優貴)
  11. (P) Kobayashi Yuuta (小林 勇太)
  12. (C) Wakasa Takeru (若狭 武瑠)
  13. (IF) Seto Taichi (瀬戸 泰地)
  14. (IF) Sasaki Keita (佐々木 啓太)
  15. (C) Maeno Koudai (前野  広大)
  16. (OF) Yoshino Katsutoshi (吉野 克駿)
  17. (OF) Saida Kaito (齋田 海斗)
  18. (OF) Tateyama Takehiro (立山 貴大)
Their strong showing throughout the fall taikai will put them as one of, if not the favorite. If there is an apparent weakness it might be the bottom of the lineup (minus ace Sena). They did relatively little at Meiji Jingu and giving up free innings to the opponent might catch up with them.

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