Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reviewing the field - Hokkaido champs Toukai Dai-yon

Over the next month or so I will be trying to review all 32 teams that have qualified for this year's Haru Koushien noting players to watch, and chances in the tournament. First up is the Hokkaido champs Toukai Dai-yon.

Toukai Dai-yon makes a return trip to Koushien after qualifying for the Natsu Koushien last summer. It certainly wasn't an easy trip back as they had lost all of 4 of their declared roster from the summer. But they advanced out of the regionals despite narrow victories over Sapporo Ryuukoku, Sapporo Asahigaoka and Sapporo Ootani.

Onto the super-regionals, and they certainly faces tougher competition rallying from down 2-1 to defeat Kitami Kougyou 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th in the quarterfinals before trading blows with Hokkai eventually winning 3-2.

From the Meiji Jingu roster it looks like former #18 Oosawa Shiiya (大澤 志意也) has taken over duties as the staff ace. He's not a dominator on the mound, topping out at a reported 138 with a standard curve/slider combo. If you wish to follow him, you can do so. I can add more players who have twitter accounts if you like to follow them. Just let me know.

The roster as of the Meiji Jingu tournament was as follows:

  1. P Oosawa Shiiya (大澤 志意也)
  2. C Oogawa Kouhei (小川 孝平)
  3. (1B) Nakajima Hiroki (中島 弘貴)
  4. 2B Kanemura Kousei (金村 航成)
  5. 3B Saitou Ryuusei (斎藤 龍生)
  6. SS Tomita Yuuki (冨田 勇輝)
  7. 1B Sou Kangi (邵 広基)
  8. LF Sakon Taisei (左近 太勢)
  9. CF Yamamoto Kousei (山本 浩平)
  10. (OF) Miyazaki Hayato (宮崎 隼斗)
  11. CF/(P) Watanabe Atsushi (渡邉 敦史)
  12. (C) Nouguchi Daiki (納口 大樹)
  13. (OF) Sakamoto Towa (酒本 永遠)
  14. (IF) Tachibana Sou (立花 奏)
  15. (IF) Yoshida Yuuma (吉田 祐真)
  16. (IF) Murase Wataru (村瀬 渉)
  17. (OF) Ueno Daiki (上野 大貴)
  18. (P) Gon Towon (権 濤源)
I haven't really found much information on the team, but given their path in the fall and their 10-0 loss to Urawa Gakuin at Meiji Jingu suggest that their time will depend on their matchup.

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