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86th Senbatsu - Day 8 - Game 2 - Kiryuu Dai-ichi (Gunma) vs. Hiroshima Shinjyou (Hiroshima)

Both Hiroshima Shinjyou and Kiryuu Dai-ichi breezed through their first round games with both teams giving up a combined total of 5 hits.  Hiroshima Shinjyou defeated Hokushinetsu runner-up Toukai Dai-san while Kiryuu Dai-ichi defeated Shikoku champs Imabari Nishi.  Both teams from weaker regions, but Imabari Nishi theoretically might have more pull.

In reality though we don't know any more about these teams then we did before save for maybe a little in regards to the pitching.  Hiroshima Shinjyou's ace Yamaoka clearly dominated his opponents more than his counterpart, but then again Toukai Dai-san may have been the weaker team of the two.

So really, we don't know anything at all...

Kiryuu Dai-ichi (Gunma)
LF Yoshida Ryuuto
2B Ishii Shouta
RF Yanagiya Sansuke
P Yamada Tomoki
C Onoda Toki
1B Hayamizu Takanari
CF Kubo Shunsuke
3B Kubota Shinji
SS Takahashi Shoukei

Hiroshima Shinjyou (Hiroshima)
SS Nakabayashi Kouki
LF Tanaka Takuya
2B Nishijima Haruto
CF Sakagaki Kazuya
3B Okuda Shingo
RF Nikaku Taiyou
1B Kumata Jyunpei
C Tanaka Keisuke
P Yamaoka Shuuya


11:35 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
Yoshida hot shot to 3rd, bounces off of Okuda and towards the camera well!  E5 to start the game.  Ishii bunts him over (and almost is safe!).

But Yanagiya can't even move the runner 90 feet as he grounds the other way to short.  In fact, he's stranded when Yamada grounds right to Kumata at 1st.

Bottom 1st
Yamada off to a good start, striking out Nakabayashi on an outside fastball, and then having Takuya sky a ball to center.

Nishijima ruins the clean inning with a single past a diving Takahashi.  Yamada compounds things by hitting Sakagaki (though really he didn't try that hard to get out of the way).  He's redeemed when Shingo hits a lazy fly to left for the 3rd out.

Top 2nd
Onoda's bid for a base hit goes begging as his liner is snagged by a leaping Nishijima.

After that, it's smooth sailing as Hayamizu whiffs on the outside fastball, and Kubo quickly grounds to 1st there after.

Bottom 2nd
Yamada gets a real HBP when he plunks Nikaku on the back.

But instead of a bunt, Nikaku takes off for 2nd!  Onoda with the strong throw, but Nikaku just slides in ahead of the tag!

Kumata lays down the bunt, and Yamada goes to 3rd!!  Safe!!  Nikaku slides in ahead of the throw, and Yamada puts himself in to a big pinch as Fukuda-kantoku calls time.

Keisuke with a fly to left!  Yoshida camps, ready to throw home, and makes the catch!  Nikaku races for home, relay throw... not in time!  The hit batter comes around to score and Hiroshima Shinjyou leads 1-0!

Sakoda-kantoku has last batter Yamaoka bunt the runner along to flip the lineup back to Nakabayashi.

And all of a sudden, Yamada is struggling.  He walks Nakabayashi on 4 straight!  Though to be fair, he looks to have been squeezed a bit.

Now Takuya with a liner to right for a base hit!  Kumata stops at 3rd and it's manrui for Hiroshima!

Yamada can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Nakajima hits a grounder to 2nd, and Ishii goes the short way for the 3rd out.  Early on though, Yamada is not helping his own cause.

Top 3rd
That should help! Takahashi with one down hits a streaking grounder past the glove of Okuda for a single.

Yoshida with the safety bunt!  Okuda charging in, but he's coming in from a ways away and his throw is late!  All safe!

And Takahashi takes off for 3rd!  No throw from Keisuke!!  Douten runner 90 feet away!

Ishii with a pop fly to right.  Nikaku coming in, makes the catch... and Takahashi has to hold up as Nikaku's throw forces him to hold up!

Yamaoka gets out of the jam!  Yanagiya pops one up!  Takuya comes in and secures the ball to retire the side!

Bottom 3rd
Yamada gets a quick out as Sakagaki fouls out to Hayamizu.  A well placed slider the causes Okuda to pound one in the dirt to 2nd...

And it's a quick 1-2-3 inning as he goes exclusively outside to Nikaku and he swings and misses on the fastball for the 3rd out.

Top 4th
The pace seems to be going very quickly in this game.  I can barely keep up with the outs.

Yamada first pitch swings and chops one to 2nd for the out.  Then Yamaoka decides that he too wants to go outside and gets Onoda to chase a ball for the 2nd out.

He caps it off with a routine comebacker from Hayamizu for his 2nd clean inning.

Bottom 4th
Any rattling I thought Yamada had after that 2nd inning seems to have disappeared.  2 groundouts and a "I think I should swing" swing from Yamaoka mark Yamada's 2nd consecutive clean inning.

Top 5th
Kubo with a fly foul down the left field side, Takuya going towards the fence.. makes the catch in front of the Kiryuu ouen-dan.

After Kubota goes down swinging on the changeup, Takahashi flies out to left for yet another 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 5th
This quick play is generally doing nothing but generating outs.

Nakabayashi first pitch grounds out to Takahashi.  Takuya takes a whopping 5 pitches before he flies out to center.

And Nakajima lines one sharply right to Hayamizu for the 3rd out.

5 innings in 50 minutes with the teams combining for 4 hits an a run.  It's like the teams have somewhere to be at later, or they saw the first game running slightly late so they're trying to get back on schedule.

Top 6th
Another one pitch out.  Yoshida grounds out to short.

Yamaoka quickly gets ahead of Ishii 0-2, and gets him to hit a ball back up the middle.  Nakabayashi gets that one too for the 2nd out.

There's a small breather as Yanagiya gets ahead 3-0 before Yamaoka fights back to fill the count.  But once again, another grounder to short.  Nakabayashi picks up 3 assists in another quick half inning.

Bottom 6th
Sakagaki actually showing a modicum of patience at the plate, gets rewarded as his ball up the middle sneaks by Ishii for a leadoff hit.  Okuda moves him along.

Nikaku with a bounder to the left side, gets by Kubota!  But Takahashi backs up the play and fields it! Fies to first, beats out a diving (and rolling, and tumbling) Nikaku.  He does advance the runner.

But Hiroshima Shinjyou back to swinging away and Kumata grounds to 2nd to end the inning.

Top 7th
Yamada with a grounder to 2nd, and Nishijima boots it!  Kiryuu with their first runner since the 3rd inning!

AH!  Yamaoka throws it away!  His pickoff throw goes into foul territory as Yamada races to 2nd.

He's heading for 3rd!!  Kumata fires from at the fence... and it reaches Okuda on the fly!!  Yamada can only walk back to the dugout after being thrown out trying to press the initiative.

Which is a real shame beacause Onoda hits a clean single through the left side!

But once again the early swings come back on Kiryuu.  Hayamizu and Kubo fly out on just 3 pitches and Kiryuu is literally swinging themselves into oblivion,

Bottom 7th
Dear Lord, I'm about a full half inning behind the game.  Keisuke and Yamaoka get retired on just 2 pitches each before Nakabayashi pokes a ball to center for a base hit.

And then to try and help the offense, he gets a great jump and steals 2nd!

But already behind 0-2, Takuya hits a short liner to left where Yoshida is waiting.

Top 8th
Kubota gets another leadoff runner for Kiryuu as he lines a ball to right!  Takahashi bunts him along.

Yoshida with a chopper to the wrong side.  Nakabayashi times the bounce, catches and fires to 1st... In time for the 2nd out!

Ishii with a huge chop off the ground!  Nakabayashi charging towards 2nd... catches, throws... but a diving (WHY?) Ishii beats it out!  Now a base hit can tie the game up!

Yanagiya up and just hacking away.  Fouling off pitch after pitch.

After several sliders, Yamaoka challenges with the fastball, and Yanagiya makes him pay! Clean single to left and Kubota can just walk home to tie the game!  It's 1-1!

Yamada quickly flies out to center, but the constant hacking finally produces some results!

Bottom 8th
Nishijima with a hard grounder to 1st, Hayamizu loses track of it!  Yamada scrambling to cover the bag gets there in front of a diving (AGAIN WHY?) Nishijima for the 1st out.

2 down now and Okuda hits a blooper to right center!  Wait, it's not a blooper, it's a gapper!  Yanagiya there to field it, but not before Okuda reaches 2nd!  Small chance for Hiroshima!

That is quickly snuffed out.  Nikaku hits a foul fly that hangs up en enough for Yanagiya to catches near the bullpen for the 3rd out.

Top 9th
Yamaoka falling behind leadoff batter Onoda 3-0 before firing 2 fastballs in to fill the count.  Now Onoda starts fouling pitches off.  Yamaoka wins the battle with a groundout to 3rd.

Hayamizu with a grounder to short, bu it takes a final bad hop that bounces off of Nakabayashi!  He makes a bad decision forcing the throw to 1st.  It's late and high, and fortunately for him not in the camera well.

With the gyakuten runner on, Fukuda-kantoku will play for the one shot.  #17 Onaga comes in to run for Hayamizu and is bunted over by Kubo.  So 2 down for Kubota.

Interestingly, Kiryuu Dai-ichi chooses now to start taking pitches.  Kubota working the count full.


Yamaoka fires to 2nd and they pick off Onaga!  Inning over!

I get to see the replay, and it appears that while Nakabayashi gives him the bag, when he goes for the tag with the glove, it collides with Onaga's arm for the out!

Bottom 9th
Onaga stays in the game in CF, Kubo goes to 1B.

In fact Hiroshima Shinjyou also is taking more pitches (slightly) here in the 9th as well.  It's like both team disposed of the first 8 innings and wanted to play sudden death ball.

Still, both Kumada and Keisuke pop out, while Yamaoka feebly swings at the fastball outside to end the inning.

So the teams get what they wanted.  Sudden death ball.

Top 10th
Kubota gets another full AB against Yamaoka, but goes down swinging.

Takahashi with a grounder to 2nd, and Nakabayashi even with taking his time, throws it into the dirt pulling Kumata off the bag!  Kiryuu will play for the one-timer again as Yoshida bunts him along.

Ishii first pitch singles to shallow right!!  They're sending Takahashi home!  Nikaku fires... it's on a rope!  Keisuke has it and Takahashi is thrown out at home to end the inning!

Bottom 10th
In the 90 seconds my internet goes wonky, Nakabayashi and Takuya have managed to get themselves out and I get to see Nishijima ground out to 2nd.

Top 11th
Yanagiya gives Kiryuu the gakuten runner as he singles to right.  But Yamada isn't bunting!  And he flies out to right instead!

That's okay though as Onoda singles to right!  Kiryuu with something brewing here.

But Onaga first pitch grounds to 2nd!  Nishijima goes to 2nd for 1, but Nakabayashi's throw to 1st is late.  Gyakuten run 90 feet away.


Onaga gets caught off 1st by Yamaoka!  He's run down 1-3-6 and the inning is over!  That's the 2nd time he's been caught on the basepaths!!

Bottom 11th
Now it's Hiroshima Shinjyou's turn!  Sakagaki lines one past Takahashi to center!

Okuda bunts the runner along. AHHH!!!

Kubota short hops Kubo and everyone's safe! And after Nikaku's bunt, the sayonara run is 90 feet away!

And so they rightly walk Kumata to load the bases.

Keisuke with a chance to end the game with a decent fly ball.

But instead it's a grounder to 1st!  Kubo goes home for 1, Onoda goes to 1st... double play!  Keisuke dives into 1st (WHY, WHY????!!!)  grounds into the 3-2-4 double play and the inning is over!

Top 12th
Kubo with the dribbler up the 3rd base side, Okuda fire to first beating a diving Kubo.

Kubota takes 4 pitches but pops out to Kumata.  And Takahashi chases the fastball outside for the 3rd out.

Bottom 12th
Yamaoka tries to draw the walk, but in his attempts to foul off pitches with the count full he swings an a pitch eye high and grounds to 3rd.  Nakabayashi and Takuya are retired on 1 pitch each and we're already headed to the 13th.

Top 13th
2 flyouts to center and I can take a breather as Yanagiya starts taking pitches.  Eventually, after fouling off a couple, he runs the count full...


This is news people!  With all the swinging away, this is the first walk issued by Yamaoka!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled game, already in progress.

And we move to the bottom of the 13th as Yamada has grounded to 2nd to end the inning.

Bottom 13th
It's more of the same.  Nishijima gounds to 2nd, Sakagaaki grounds to 3rd.  Okuda changes things up with a strikeout on a forkball.

Top 14th
So apparently the strategy is, first batter work the count to get on base.  If they don't, hack away.  If they do, bunt, then hack away.

Onoda works the count full, but grounds to 3rd.  So 3 pitchers later, the side is retired.

Bottom 14th
Nikaku blows that theory out of the water swinging on the first pitch.  Kumata takes 2 pitches to grounds to 3rd.

Keisuke with a grounder to 2nd to end the... no, wait. Ishii boots the ball, then can't field it at all so it's an E4 and the inning continues.

What, what?

Keisuke must have read something wrong because he just takes off for 2nd!  Yamada calmly goes to 2nd ant that's the inning!

Top 15th
We are already at the last inning!

Nakabayashi almost throws away the grounder from Kubota but Kumata keeps the foot on the bag.

Takahashi quickly then grounds to 1st. Kumata's toss to Yamaoka is a bit high, but Yamaoka emphatically steps on 1st for the 2nd out.

And Yoshida just waves on the slider for the 3rd out.

Bottom 15th
So the best Kiryuu Dai-ichi can play for is a draw.

And with the endgame at hand, Sakota-kantoku rightly pinch hits for Yamaoka.  #17 Fujimoto gets those honors.

But he follows the game plan and quickly grounds out to 1st.

Nakabayashi making things interesting!  He singles back up the middle!  Hiroshima Shinjyou with the sayonara run on base!

After a bunt by Takuya, Fukuda-kantoku calls time.  Nishijima looking to end it here in the 15th.

Fastball over the middle for strike 1.  Nishijima goes after the 2nd pitch and is behind 0-2

Ball way out and up... 1-2.  Yamada with the token turn to 2nd.

Popup!  Kubo ranging to his right, still going, still going... Makes the catch!

The game in a neat 2 hours and 24 minutes ends in a 1-1 draw! (That has to be a record)

I have no idea what either team's strategy was other than just to swing away.  The best I can come up with is that these teams know they won't win Koushien. So, instead of having a winner and loser, how about playing another game for free?

Not to mention the fact that all other teams get one extra day of rest.  Meitoku Gijyuku approves.

So, Kiryuu Dai-ichi and Hiroshima Shinjyou will do it again tomorrow as the only game of Day 9 at 13:00 JST.

Notable Players
I'll do this after the conclusion of games today.  A lot of not very much to go through.

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