Friday, September 27, 2013

Aki Taikai Recap-to-date - Tohoku

Onto the Tohoku Super-Regionals...

Draw is set in Aomori, teams qualified are as follows:

Aomori Regionals
  • Block winners - Aomori Kita & Aomori Yamada
  • Repechage winners - Aomori Shougyou & Aomori Kita
 Goshogawara Regionals
  • Block winners - Kidzukuri & Goshogawara
  • Repechage winner - Goshogawara Shougyou
 Hirosaki Regionals
  • Block winners - Hirosaki Higashi & Touou Gijyuku
  • Repechage winner - Hirosaki Chuo
 Towada Regionals
  • Block winners - Misawa Shougyou & Misawa
  • Repechage winner - Sanbongi
 Hachinohe Regionals
  • Block winners - Hachinohe Kita & (Hachinohe) Kousei Gakuin
  • Block runner-ups - Hachinohe Nishi & Hachinohe
  • Repechage winner - Takko
 Mutsu Regionals
  • Block winner - Oominato
  • Repechage winner - Mutsu Kougyou
Seiai joins the rest of the field in where the draw spreads out the major teams. Aomori Yamada and Kousei Gakuin are all in different quadrants. Should be interesting!

Akita regionals are completed and they are in the quarterfinals of the prefecturals. Missing from the list is Natsu representative Akita Shougyou who did not even make the prefecturals losing in the 2nd round of the Chubu regionals 8-4 to Nishime.

And the power vacuum was filled in by teams who were more resourceful than the other powerhouse teams. Oomagari Kougyou rallied from down 5-1 to defeat Oodate Houmei 6-5. Akita Chuo mercy ruled Noshiro Shougyou 9-0! Oomagari won a 13-12 bloodbath versus Akita Minami, and Akita was walked off by Kakunodate 7-6.

For Kakunodate's sake I hope they get to the super-regionals and more. They were so close in the summer.

Iwate's regionals are done and the teams to advance are as follows:

Kuji Regionals
  • Winner - Kuji Kougyou
  • Repechage winner - Kuji
Ninohe Regionals
  • Winner & Runner-up - Fukuoka & Ibonai
  • Repechage winner - Kuzumaki
Morioka Regionals
  • Winner & Runner-up - Moriokadai Fuzoku & Morioka Chuo
  • Semifinalists - Morioka Dai-yon & Iwate
  • Repechage winners - Morioka Dai-san & Morioka Shiritsu
Hanamaki Regionals
  • Extra winner - Hanamaki Higashi (they played the block winner and won 12-0)
  • Block winner & Runner-up - Touno & Hanamaki Kita
  • Repechage winner - Hanamaki Nougyou & Hanakita Seiuun
Hokuou Regionals
  • Winner & Runner-up - Senshuudai Kitakami & Mizusawa
  • Repechage winners - Kurosawajiri Kougyou & Mizusawa Dai-ichi
  • 2nd Repechage winner - Mizusawa Kougyou
Ichinoseki Regionals
  • Winner & Runner-up - Ichinoseki Gakuin (Again...) & Daitou
  • Repechage winner & runner-up - Ichinoseki Dai-ni & Ichinoseki Dai-ichi
Engan Minami Regionals
  • Winner - Oofunato
  • Repechage winner & Runner-up - Takada & Kamaishi
Engan Kita Regionals
  • Winner & Runner-up - Yamada & Miyako Kougyou
  • Repechage winner - Miyako Shougyou

Nichidai Yamagata plus several others got a free pass to the prefecturals, and has reached the finals only having to face Tsuruoka Higashi. Their finals opponent is Yamamoto Gakuen who rallied to defeat Sakata Minami 3-2.

In the 3rd place game the aforementioned Sakata Minami will probably have an easy time against Sakata Kouryou.

Sendai Ikuei will head to the Super-Regionals as the Miyagi champion... just. They escaped with a 3-2 10 inning win over Matsushima in the quarterfinals, then edging Touryou 2-1 in the finals.

Surprisingly, Rifu did not win the 3rd place game. Instead they lost 6-5 to Shibata.

There was a bombshell in Fukushima, well, sort of.

I say sort of because Seikou Gakuin still advanced out of the prefecture. However, they had to get in through the backdoor after losing 5-1 to Nichidai Tohoku in the semifinals. Nichidai Tohoku would win the prefecture with a convincing 6-2 win over Sukagawa.

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