Thursday, September 26, 2013

Aki Taikai Recap-to-date - Hokkaido

While the Aki Taikai is important for determining teams who will go to Haru Koushien, information on brackets and the like is not as well covered.

Unlike the summer where they split Hokkaido, here there is only 1 spot, which I guess while warranted because of the weakness in prefecture, is somewhat disappointing.

Anyways, we have our teams as follows going to the Super-Regional:

Hakodate Regionals
  • Hakodatedai Yuuto - Perhaps in a rebuilding year, struggled against Hakodate Kougyou and Shiritsu Hakodate.
  • Hakodate Shougyou - Went on an offensive rampage before eking a 2-0 win over Hakodate Ootani.  Did not have to face Hakodate LaSalle
Muroran Regionals
  • Komadai Tomakomai - They advance, but a 2-1 block win over Hokkaido Sakae does not instill confidence.
  • Tomakomai Chuo - Only runs given up in opening game versus Muroran Sakae. Will get tested in Super-Regional play.
Sapporo Regionals
  • Sapporo Ootani - Had close calls versus Sapporo Nichidai and unknown Hokkaido Kokusai Jyouhou.
  • Sapporo Minami - Routed all opponents, though had a 15-8 barnburner against Sapporo Atsubetsu.
  • Toukai Dai-yon - Once again, they make it with no issues (including a convincing win over Sapporo Dai-ichi!), but you have to wonder if they'll ever breakthrough.
  • Sapporo Seishuu -  Had several close games before blowing out Sapporo Touryou in block final. But no quality opponents and team is a relative unknown.
Otaru Regionals
  • Hokushou - Need I say more?
Sorachi Regionals
  • Komadai Iwamizawa - A very close call with a 10 inning win over Takigawa Nishi, but otherwise smooth sailing.
Asahikawa Regionals
  • Asahikawadai - They're back in the spotlight, and had quality wins over Asahikawa Jitsugyou and a 14 inning marathon against Furano. Did not give up a single run in the block.
  • Asahikawa Meisei - Makes just their 3rd appearance, and only after outlasting Asahikawa Minami 8-7.
Nayoro Regionals
  • Teshio - Makes their 4th appearance after defeating Wakkanai Ootani 3-1 in block final.
Kitami Regionals
  • Abashiri Keiyou - A real unknown who gave up runs only in a 11 inning 5-4 win over Kitami Kougyou.
  • Kitami Hokuto - Got stronger as they progressed, struggling against Kitami Hokuyou before defeating Engaru and Memanbetsu.
Tokachi Regionals
  • Shirakaba Gakuen - Had an uncharacteristic hiccup in 4-3 10 inning win over Shimizu, but otherwise breezed through.
  • Obihiro Sanjyou - The fabled Obihiro Ootani couldn't make it back as they lost 4-1 in the block final.
Kushine Regionals
  • Kushiro Meiki - Another unknown, walked off Kushiro Hokuyou 4-2 to advance.
  • Bushuukan - Had to walk off against Nakashibetsu, but routed everyone else otherwise.

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