Monday, August 13, 2012

Small world!

So I was out and about today, and decided to check to see if my new softball team for the fall was indeed having a practice before a league was to begin.  There were 2 people practicing, but when I asked, they weren't on my team.

But then I noticed the guy wearing a Fukuoka Daiei Hawks jersey, so I started talking baseball and wouldn't you know it, they both came from very good HS!

The guy turns out was from Nagasaki Nichidai.  The team that almost defeated Hanamaki Higashi and Kikuchi Yuusei.  He mentioned something about Ootani considering going to the US, much like his predecessor Yuusei, but I hadn't heard anything about that at all.

The girl came from Uwajima Higashi, a team that I noticed does well, but not able to get over the hill to get to Koushien - at least in recent years.  She tells me that the kantoku during those years at Uwajima Higashi has since moved on to Saibi - which explains their surge and Uwajima Higashi's decline.

So we chatted for a bit - though unfortunately my mind was stuck on Koushien, for obvious reasons.  It can be a small world after all.

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