Thursday, August 16, 2012

Regional summary of teams remaining

So, after just over one full round where all 49 teams have taken the field, here's where each region stands:

Hokkaido - 0/2 (Eliminated)
Tohoku - 4/6
Kanto ex Tokyo - 5/7
Tokyo - 0/2 (Eliminated)
Hokushinetsu - 1/5
Toukai - 0/4 (Eliminated)
Kinki - 3/6
Chuugoku - 4/5
Shikoku - 1/4
Kyushu - 4/8

So a lot of the rural regions have had their teams decimated in the first round of games.  Only Tohoku escaped relatively unscathed.  Tokyo is surprisingly eliminated already as Seiritsu seemed to have better things to do, while Sanko just wasn't able to bounce back from the losses of last year.  Chuugoku is surprisingly still healthy as well - which I wasn't really expecting.

The second time through, only one matchup - Toukou Gakuen vs. Jyousou Gakuin is intraregional, so there a chance regions may get through the next iteration unscathed.

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