Friday, March 26, 2010

Kaisei and Nonomura-kantoku

So in the midst of following Koshien, I missed the following story.

In which Nonomura-kantoku was very harsh in his words after losing 2-1 to Kouyou, a 21st century school.

And when something like that is uttered, it's not surprising to see that several days later he announces his resignation, which when really translated means that he was fired.

Is it warranted? In Japanese culture, yeah. In general? I don't know. Surely a long suspension at a minimum was necessary.

For Kaisei, it could be a big blow to the program as a whole. While they still may have name recognition, losing a manager could set the program back years if not permanently.

For Nonomura-kantoku this may, no puns intended, be the death of his managerial career. Certainly it'll be hard for him to get back into managing immediately afterwords, but it's possible that he may not get a job period because of the comments and the arena in which he said it.

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