Saturday, March 20, 2010

Game blogging schedule

Unfortunately, my schedule during the Spring Koshien is a lot busier than normal. This means that I will not be able to blog as many of these games on the same day. Also remember that because this is the Senbatsu, MBS does not show games live but instead gives inning-by-inning archives on their website (see link on left). The 1st inning is usually provided about halfway through the game, so there's always a bit of a delay.

A new possibility is that may carry the games live, but it all depends on the people at the time. If it's available, I'll forward the link on that particular game post.

So my schedule of blogging games same day will look like this:

1st Round (3 games/day)
Day 1 (March 21) - Full (Archives pending)
Day 2 (March 22) - Full (Archives pending)
Day 3 (March 23) - Partial (Bowling league)
Day 4 (March 24) - Full (Archives pending)
Day 5 (March 25) - Partial/Full (Bowling league)

2nd Round (3 games/day)
Day 6 (March 26) - Full (Archives pending)
Day 7 (March 27) - None (Prior commitment)
Day 8 (March 28) - None (Prior commitment)

Quarterfinals (2 games/day)
Day 9 (March 29) - Partial? (I'll be returning that evening, so I may get to these games, but no guarantees)
Day 10 (March 30) - (Probably) Full (Even with bowling league I should be able to)

Day 11 (March 31) - Full (Archives pending)

Day 12 (April 1) - Full

I will try to get to the missed games in the first full week of April. I have Sakura-con to attend the weekend of the 2nd-4th, so I can't catch up then...

I apologize for the gaps in advance. I'd love to be able to do this full-time, but I can't make this my career right now unless I actually get paid for it. So all I can do is get to these when time permits...

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