Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Tournament Prefectural Updates (Part 2)

We're in the round of 16. Nihon Koukuu Ishikawa looks to return to Koshien, but to get a guaranteed spot in the super-regionals they may have to face Kanazawa.

They also have company in 2 more summer Best 4 teams in Nanao and Seiryou.

We're in the best 8 here and there are a lot of strong teams left here. Both Kenritsu and Shiritsu Gifu Shougyou are still around. For those that don't know, Kenritsu refers to the prefectural school while Shiritsu refers to the city school.

Joining Kenritsu on one side of the bracket is Chuukyou and Oogaki Shougyou. For Shiritsu, it's Oogaki Nichidai.

The Natsu Koshien winners aren't stopping. Chuukyoudai Chuukyou has advanced to the Best 8, but has had a little bit of trouble with Daitoudai Daitou and Homare. Standing in their way is Kariya in a rematch of the summer finals, then possibly Oobu, and Touhou could meet them in the finals. But they have ace Morimoto to carry them.

They've just started the prefectural qualifiers. All major teams are still in it such as Fukui Koudai Fukui, Tsuruga Kehi, Hokuyou and Fukui Shougyou.

Sadly, Shiga Gakuen will not be able to make a repeat appearance, falling in the first round to Hieizan 7-0. The big names are re-emerging. Kita Ootsu, Oumi and Hikone Higashi have advanced to the round of 16.

Mie is in the Best 8. And I mean that in both ways. The tournament is in the quarterfinals, and Mie is a part of it. They'll have to face Komono though, and should they defeat them Kogakkan may meet them in the semis in a rematch of the Natsu Koshien semifinal qualifier! On the other side is Matsusaka.

Sorry, that wasn't much more of an update tonight. Will try to get more in tomorrow.

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