Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 Fall Tournament - Hokkaido/Tohoku Regionals

I've been a bit busy and burned out recently, but here is part of the Hokkaido/Tohoku regionals (no Aomori and Fukushima yet).

As you can see from my explanations earlier, some places have triple-elimination to get to the prefectural tournament.

Hokkaido has just started, and Sapporo Dai-ichi routed Sapporo Takuhoku 17-1 to begin their run.

In Akita, the central regionals have some good names. Akita defeated Yashima 7-0, Meiou defeated Akita Tousen 8-1 and Honjyou defeated Akita Chuo 6-5.

While their run in Koshien was brought to an abrupt end. Hanamaki Higashi had automatically qualfied, and only had a one game playoff in their region. They defeated Hanamaki Minami 9-8 and earned the 1 seed from their region.

Yamagata will see many of the usual suspects in the prefectural qualifiers. Nihon Yamagata, Haguro, Sakata Minami all have earned spots. Yonezawa Chuo has already qualified as well, but will face Kunori Gakuen to take the top spot in the Okitama regional. The last Best 4 teams in Shinjyou Higashi needs a little bit more work. They lost to Shinjyou Kita 5-0 in the Saihoku regional final and will now face the winner of the Kita-Murayama and Higashine Kougyou matchup. They'll have one more chance should they lose that game in the 2nd repechage.

And in Miyagi, Sendai Ikuei and Tohoku will make their appearance in the prefectural finals. Sendai Ikuei takes the inside track after defeating Tohoku 9-2.

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