Friday, June 26, 2009

Travelling halfway across the globe... okay, how about just across the country?

As promised, I jet off from Minami Hokkaido to the other prefectural tournament that started on the 20th - Okinawa. Given the logistics of getting teams from all over together, it's no wonder it starts early.

(Brackets with translations are in the consolidated post.)

There's only been 3 days of competition so far, with the next set of games to happen over the weekend.

The top seed going in is spring participant Kounan who is the only team to earn an opening round bye. The other top 3 are Okinawa Suisan, Itoman and Chubu Shougyou. Of the 4, Okinawa Suisan and Itoman have played their first match with Okinawa Suisan defeating Naha Nishi 10-0 in 5 while Itoman needed 7 to defeat Irabu 9-0.

Other notable teams in the field include:
  • Oomine Yuuta's Yaeyama Shoukou won their first game, defeating Futenma 5-1. Their next opponent will be Haebaru on the 4th.
  • Last year's participant Urasoe Shougyou will play their first match at Chatan Kouen versus Hentona.
  • And who could forget Higashihama's Okinawa Shougaku? They will too play their first game this weekend against Koza.
As for games already played...

Opening day at Itoman Nishizaki stadium saw Kumejima walk off againt Naha Kokusai for a 3-2 victory.

Moving over to Chatan Kouen, Misato only needed 5 innings to dispatch Miyako Kougyou. Their reward? A match with top-seeded Kounan.

Meanwhile Yaeyama's Misaki hits a home run as they defeat Nago 13-3 in 6 innings.

The 2nd day of competition saw Ginoza defeat Youmei 14-1 in 5. Youmei was only down 2-1 after 3, but Ginoza plated 9 in the 4th for the win. On the other side of the coin, Shuri scored a run in the top of the 1st, and that's all they would need as they defeated Nanbu Shougyou 1-0.

At Chatan Kouen, Okinawa Kougyou broke the scoreless game against Misato Kougyou with 2 in th 9th.

Tuesday was the weekday match day. At Chatan Kouen, the home school Chatan couldn't get on the board against Oroku. But then again, neither did Oroku. But in the first extra frame, Oroku scored twice to take the lead. Chatan got one back, but no more.

Motobu squeaked one out againt Tomoshiro Minami scoring their only run in the 4th inning.

That's it for now from Okinawa. Next, back on a flight to Hokkaido for the 3rd region to start games, Kita Hokkaido!

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