Sunday, June 28, 2009

Akita (bijin?)

No, we're not here to find the female beauties of Akita. No time for that. We're here to look at the contenders to make it to Koshien.

The #1 seed belongs to Akita Shougyou. They were the last team to make it past the first game at Koshien - but that was back in 1997. The other top 3 teams (in order) are Akita Chuo, Yokote and Oodate Kougyou.

As for other notable teams, Honjyou gets a first-round bye and faces the Yuzawa-Kakunodate winner. Akita gets a bad draw as they will have to face off against Akita Chuo should they defeat Oomagari. Most other schools will probably have a rough road against the favorites, but the real test will be when the winner plays their first game at Koshien. Can they finally claim victory for the first time in over a decade?

Next stop, the home of one of the heavy favorites to win it all...

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