Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 3 - Game 2 - Oita Uenogaoka (Oita) vs. Minoshima (Wakayama)

With the upset of Keiou Gijuku in the first game, all teams must feel a little more confident in their chances to win it all this year, especially these two teams. Instead of facing Keiou, Oita Uenogaoka (a 21st century team) or Minoshima will face Kaisei. Kaisei is a good team, but they're not Keiou.

11:30 AM - First Pitch

Top 1st
うわ。 Oita Uenogaoka's oen-dan is filled up. A lot of people came out to support the team. After all, it's been a long time since they've been here.

Morimoto though, retires the side in order. He figures, it's been a while since we've been here too. Not as long as you, but long enough.

Bottom 1st
Adachi for Oita has a sidearm motion that seems to go wide sometimes. Nonetheless, he retires the Minoshima side in order to start the game, and we're off and going.

Top 2nd
Tsuyuguchi gets the first hit for Oita Uenogaoka as he hits a sharp grounder that bounces off of Iguchi Keisuke for an infield hit!

But Tsuyuguchi tries to steal 2nd and is out by a mile. 3 down for Oita here in the 2nd.

Bottom 2nd
Adachi retires the side in order, and Oita Uenogaoka is looking good early.

Top 3rd
Morimoto does the same. Last batter Hirose tries to push a safety bunt up the 1st base line, but Morimoto completes the play himself.

Bottom 3rd
With 2 down, Morimoto works a walk - the first baserunner for Minoshima. Miyamoto follows that up with a liner to right! Morimoto heads for 3rd and there's runners at the corners for Minoshima! It's the first scoring chance of the game!

And a single down the left field line by Iguchi Shintarou scores Morimoto and Minoshima scores the first run of the game! 1-0!

And then Mantani draws a walk from Adachi! Manrui for Minoshima!

But Adachi strikes out Nishihata to leave the bases loaded. But Minoshima has staked the early 1-0 lead.

Top 4th
Oita is still scuffling. Kanamori makes a bid for a base hit with a grounder up the middle with 2 down, but Nishihata makes a diving stop to rob him of the hit!

Bottom 4th
Adachi continues to have trouble finding the plate. He walks Oota on 4 straight, then throws 2 more balls to Numa before finally throwing a strike. Nonetheless, Matshushita-kantoku has Numa put the bunt down moving Oota to 2nd.

Adachi's troubles continue as he walks Yamamoto as well. Runners at 1st and 2nd now for Minoshima. His pace has slowed considerably as well, looking the runners back repeatedly. He struggles against Morimoto as well, working the count full. Morimoto reaches down and hits a liner, but it's right at Kaetsu and the inning is over.

Still, Adachi is having issues with the strike zone issuing 4 walks in the last 2 innings.

Top 5th
Morimoto quickly retires the Oita Uenogaoka side in 6 pitches. He's quickly cruising along in this game.

Bottom 5th
Adachi retires the first batter in the 5th, but his control issues start reappearing again. The pitches are flying out and away and he walks Shintarou on 4 straight.

And then Shintarou steals 2nd. Another chance for Minoshima, but Mantani waves at an outside pitch for strike 3! 2 down for Adachi.

But he then walks Nishihata on 5 pitches. That's 6 walks in the last 3 innings.

The walks finally come back to hurt Adachi as Keisuke send the first pitch to right! Shintarou comes around to score and Minoshima takes the 2-0 lead!! He's not out of the mess yet as the runners are at the corners for Oota. He lines out to center but Minoshima extends their lead!

Top 6th
Oita once again falls in order. Morimoto has faced only the minimum so far and Minoshima appears to be on their way to victory.

Bottom 6th
Numa starts off the inning with a grounder to 3rd. But Kaetsu's throw goes high! It's off of Asaki's glove and Numa is safe at first! Yamamoto bunts Numa over and Minoshima looks to play add on.

Adachi continues to miss the zone. Morimoto takes advantage of a ball in the zone and chops one over Adachi and into center! Runners at the corners!

Miyamoto hits a grounder to 2nd! Kudou fumbles with the ball slightly, makes the play at 2nd - but that's it. Numa scores on the grounder and it's 3-0.

The pressure continues to be put on Adachi as Miyamoto takes 2nd. And Shintarou puts down a bunt! Kaetsu charges and makes the throw, but it's not in time! Runners at the corners again for Minoshima.

And Shintarou too goes for 2nd. Throw isn't in time. But Miyamoto is heading for home! Throw back... not in time! The double steal works to perfection and Minoshima now is up 4-0!

Mantani with a liner over Kaetsu's head and down the left field line! Shintarou scores on the double by Mantani! 5-0 and the gates are opening wide!

Matsushita-kantoku continues to press on the accelerator as he has Mantani steal 3rd!

Nishihata with a drive to the left center field gap! Kai and Tsuyuguchi converge on the ball. Both dive and miss! Mantani scores and Nishihata has a stand-up triple! 6-0.

Keisuke after a long AB, hits one to left scoring yet another run. It's 7-0 Minoshima and the rout is on.

Oota lines one to center, but 5 runs in this inning and the game seems to be all but over.

Top 7th
Oita Uenogaoka gets only its 2nd baserunner of the game as Kudou draws a one-out walk. Kanamori with a single back up the middle and Oita Uenogaoka also has their first scoring opportunity of the game!

Kai hits a chopper back to Morimoto. He snags it and throws to 2nd for the 2nd out.

But Asaki lines one to center! Kudou head home and Kai advances to 3rd on the double by Asaki! Oita Uenogaoka is on the board! 7-1!

Tsuyuguchi strikes out the end the inning, but Asaki's hit prevents the shutout!

Bottom 7th
Minoshima continues to play for runs. Yamamoto gets a one-out base hit and is moved to 2nd. Miyamoto flies out to center though, and the lead remains at 6.

Top 8th
#16 Miura comes in to pinch hit for Asakunobut promptly grounds out to 2nd. Adachi hits a liner, but Nishihata makes the leaping grab.

Hirose hits a weak grounder up the first base line, Numa tries to make the toss to Shintarou, but can't get his glove on it. And then Kaetsu hits a single through the right side! Runners on 1st and 2nd but there's two down.

And Kudou hits a comebacker that Morimoto fields easily for the 3rd out.

Bottom 8th
Shintarou gets his 3rd base hit - a single through the left side. #14 Machiyama PH for Mantani, but hits a grounder to 2nd getting the leadoff runner.

Machiyama is replaced at 1st by #13 Katada. And he breaks for 2nd, but it's a pitchout! The throw by Kanemori is in plenty of time to get Katada out!

Nishihara then draws another walk from Adachi, and Keisuke singles to right. That will end the day for Adachi as #11 Kobayashi replaces him on the mound. He gets the final out, and it'll be the last ups for Oita Uenogaoka.

Top 9th
Kanamori starts off with a single to right. Kai then drives a ball over Miyamoto's head and all the way to the wall. Kanamori scores on the Kai triple, 7-2 Minoshima.

Asagi hits a liner to left. Oota runs back to make the catch, and Kai easily comes home. Oita Uenogaoka quickly puts 2 runs on the board. They're still far behind but it's 7-3.

Tsuyuguchi strikes out for out #2. #13 Kugimiya comes in to PH as their last gasp. And he grounds out to Morimoto for the final out. Oita Uenogaoka put up a good show at the end, but it was all Minoshima in this game. But the players from Oita do not seem sad, more happy that they had an opportunity to play at Koushien.

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