Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Translated rosters...

... are finally done!  Took a while for some teams as they don't start their first 9 (for those that aren't familiar, generally the starting 9 have a number that corresponds with the position number they play, 1 = P, 2 = C, 3 = 1B, etc.).  Hanamaki Higashi is a good example.  Their SS wears #4, their 2B wears #6.  Their 1B wears #7 (which should be LF), while their actual LF wears #8 and their CF who should wear #8 wears #17.  Finally, #10 (which is usually a P), plays 3B.

In other notes, there are teams that have apparently changed around their starting 9 so that they get more offense in.  Case in point is Yokohama where 1B Ozeki Ikki has been moved to C so that backup 1B Yamauchi Tatsuya, who hit well in the fall, can get into the lineup.

Anyways, T-6 hours to opening ceremonies, and T-7 hours and 20 minutes to approximate first pitch!  Welcome to senbatsu!

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