Friday, March 30, 2012

A few quick notes...

Of the Best 8 Teams...
  • Naruto is the only public school remaining, the only school west of Hanshin Koushien Kyuujyou, and the only one to have played extra inning games (twice!).
  • Half the field is from the Kanto area (Takasaki Kenkoudai Fukushi, Urawa Gakuin, Kanto Dai-ichi, Yokohama).
  • There is the possibility if Urawa Gakuin, Takasaki Kenkoudai Fukushi, Kousei Gakuin, and Kanto Dai-ichi all win, that we will have a first-time winner.  Of those, the first two have never reached the championship game (kesshou).
  • Takasaki Kenkoudai Fukushi's team was founded in 2001.  They have now gone to a summer and spring Koushien tournament.  3 teams have won a Koushien tournament in that timeframe (Osaka Touin, Aikoudai Meiden and Yokohama)

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