Friday, March 25, 2016

Regarding coverage for the next 4 days

Unfortunately, because of conflicting obligations I will be unable to provide coverage of the tournament as currently done. I may be able to make comments via twitter if I am able to watch the game, but that's probably the best I can do. You can always watch the games live here and they will always start at 1700 PDT/2000 EDT until the 27th (US time) where it will start 30 minutes earlier and there will be 4 games on that day.

I apologize for the conflict, but hopefully if you've been following the tournament so far and reading my notes, you might have an idea of who might advance.


Limo said...

Cheers mate...see you at the final!!

new2yakyu said...

Thank you for all your helpful notes. I'm hoping you'll do a few more detailed explanations/reviews of the exciting games.