Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mid 1st-round summary

Man this is as brutal as I've seen it so far. We're not all the way through the 1st round, and some regions are on the verge of being shut out. I was kind of hoping that my analysis wasn't that accurate, but the Kyushu region hasn't won a game yet, and if Itoman loses to Tenri tomorrow, they're completely eliminated.

Same goes for the Chuugoku region. If Ube Koujyou loses to Kendai Takasaki, they're eliminated as well.

Shikoku has 1 of its 2 representatives left as Imabari Nishi beat Touin.

Kinki isn't looking in good shape either. Oumi's win puts the region's record at 2-3 with the aforementioned Tenri left to play.

Head east from Kinki and of course the results improve (it has to somewhere). Tokai has both of its representatives still alive. Hokushinetsu has their champion poised for a deep run.

Kanto, which I though was weak, is about to send all 4 representatives to the 2nd round should Kendai Takasaki win. Tokyo on the other hand, rests its hopes on Nishougakushadai Fuzuoku, who plays Matsuyama Higashi.

And the region that seems to be getting stronger? The Tohoku region! All 3 teams, including Oomagari Kougyou, have advanced! (You can tell I'm really surprised by the Akita representative).

Lastly, Toukai Dai-yon from Hokkaido will be the last game to play of the 1st round.

It's been known that the Chuugoku and Shikoku regions struggle for relevancy. But to see Kyushu performing as poorly as they have is shocking. Again, not like the statistics didn't point to that being a possibility, but still.

It really does look like we're losing parity at a growing rate. I hope it's not the case because I'd like to believe that every school has a chance - though I already know they don't.


Daida no Kami Imayoshi said...

Three cheers for Oomagari Kougyou for passing the first round!! Tohoku used to be a punching bag for other regions, but it sure is intersting to see the Northeastern boys on the rise.

Sendai Ikuei's probable championship may signal the recent trend of powerhouse monopoly, but for Tohoku to finally win one would be a positive for many fans.

Daida no Kami Imayoshi said...

I agree with you on the dangers of power parity disruption. For a team to win three straight Natsu tickets from the mighty fierce Osaka (and to win two national championships!!) is surely an alarming phenomenon.

I started watching Kokoyakyu from the Darvish days (Go Miyagi!) hence I do not know much about the balance of power before then. Do you think the dark horses or public schools had more chance compared to the present days?

Daida no Kami Imayoshi said...

Nowadays what I wonder is how powerhouses are built. The evil Osaka Toin's history is rather short (their first championship was around mid 90's am I correct?), and Saibi did not even have a program until 2003 or 2004

If a well-funded private school invests its resources, it may not be too difficult to nurture a tiger....hmm...okay, another bad sign for the public schools.

Daida no Kami Imayoshi said...

Do you think we could see a public school powerhouse such as Ikeda or Matsushou again?

I am not sure, but I dearly hope so.