Monday, June 23, 2014

Coverage going forward

For those that will be looking to this site for updates on Natsu Koushien tournament updates and the like, there will be some changes effective immediately.

First of all, while I will continue to try and get the brackets updated on a regular basis, but will not comment as thoroughly as I did before.  I will just mention notable teams whenever appropriate.

There are several reasons for this.  First of all, I still like 高校野球 and I'd like to keep it that way.  Doing this coverage for 6 years has in some ways burned me out a bit.  As you can tell from some of my commentaries and feeling regarding it now, the luster has been dulled a bit and the attempts in daily coverage during my non-working hours has burned me out a lot and made it harder each year for me to do this in general.  So to preserve it in some ways, I will be doing less in the buildup to Natsu Koushien.

Also I have to accept that in the 6 years I've done this, while I have some followers who have been very loyal to the blog, readership really hasn't increased and while it sounds like complaining, it's a lot of work.

I don't know what this will mean for Natsu Koushien itself, if the live blogging will continue or if it will be more of a game recap with exceptionally notable AB's or plays.  I'm sure that while my commentary on a pitch-by-pitch basis is liked, I'm sure there is a lot of boredom during a lot of games.


westbaystars said...

I know very well what you mean. It can really start to seem like work, especially during the tournament when you have many other things that must be done elsewhere.

What you do, whether it's a lot or a little, will always be appreciated.


JH said...

As your loyal supporter, I will be visiting this blog in an hourly basis this summer.

Whether retracted or not, I very much looking forward to enjoying your coverages!!!

By the way, the news of Misato (Okinawa)'s first round exit shocked me. Then I realized the Senbatsu team was Misato Kougyou, not Misato.

JH said...

Gah!!! Shimabukuro's alma mater Kounan ousted in the first round!!

Does this mean that the high school baseball is so much competitive that even a haru-natsu champ cannot maintain its force within the regional level for four years, or is it that Kounan simply failed to replenish its manpower after the glory of 2010?

Goro Shigeno said...

As I kind of mentioned before, while there are 4000+ schools participating to get to Koushien, realistically anywhere from 1 (Chiben Wakayama) or 2 (Tenri/Chiben Gakuen) to say 8 have a chance in prefecture to advance. Those teams can realistically reload in some form or fashion.

While Kounan had the run with Shimabukuro, there are other schools that have garnered more attention as of late are Okinawa Shougaku and Urasoe Shougyou.

It's not that it's more competitive (it's not at all if you consider the entire universe of schools), it's just that there is a pecking order of the top tier schools to attract talent.

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly a lurker, but I love your blog a lot. But scaling back coverage seems totally reasonable. In any case, I hope you do whatever you need to do to keep it enjoyable for you.