Tuesday, January 28, 2014

32 teams in 32 days - Komadai Tomakomai (Hokkaido)

Komadai Tomakomai was given a "gift" by departing alumni Tanaka Masahiro.  For the first time in 9 years they will return to Haru Koushien.

Hokkaido has missed Komadai as they were the only team to have successfully claimed a Koushien title - all thanks to the aforementioned Ma-kun. Teams have come and gone, but none have been able to replicate their efforts.

So now Komadai returns once again to perhaps find that spark:

Road to Senbatsu
Muroran Regionals
  • def. Noboribetsu Seiryou 5-2
  • def. Muroran Shimizugaoka 8-0 (8 inn)
  • def. Ootani Muroran 11-0 (5 inn)
  • def. Hokkaido Sakae 2-1
  • def. Kushiro Meiki 8-0 (7 inn)
  • def. Asahikawadai 8-5
  • def. Toukai Dai-yon 1-0 (12 inn)
  • def. Sapporo Ootani 3-2
Meiji Jingu
  • lost Okinawa Shougaku 5-3
Their body of work unfortunately does not inspire confidence. With Hokkaido already considered a weak prefecture in the world of 高校野球, having 3 1-run games - even against tougher competition in-prefecture, do not point to success.

Interestingly, while Itou Harumi(?) (伊藤 大海) seems to get quite a bit of work, he wore #15 for Komadai.  Perhaps it's because he's a rookie.  Anyways, he's reported to throw in the low 130s with the normal slider and curve.

And he's got a video of his own while ace # Kikuchi Shouta (菊地 翔太) does not. Go figure. The best I can figure is this digest video of their Meiji Jingu game against Okinawa Shougaku.

Offensively, it looks like 2B Yasuda Daisuke (安田 大将) is the main generator of power for the team. Somehow, I'm reminded of Honma Atsushi of way back when.

Perhaps the only other person offensively noteworthy is leadoff batter CF Itou Yuuki (伊藤 優希) who is a quick leadoff batter.

Considering that they played Okinawa Shougaku close despite falling behind early 3-0, they might have a chance for a game or two, but not much more.

Next up... Hachinohe Gakuin Kousei!

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