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Day 2 - Game 4 - Hokushou (Minami Hokkaido) vs. Jyousou Gakuin (Ibaraki)

It's actually been a great day of games, even with the late blowout by Shuutoku.  We now finish the day with two schools accustomed to Koushien - Hokushou and Jyousou Gakuin.

Hokushou may have blown out Komadai Tomakomai in the finals, but on the way there there were several close calls that almost sent Oogushi and the team from Otaru home.  Oogushi doesn't throw hard at all, and as a result will be on eggshells the entire game.

Jyousou Gakuin had a strong Ibaraki taikai until the final where they trailed Kasumigaura with just 2 innings to go before cracking their defenses and advancing to Natsu Koushien.

Considering how average Oogushi is velo wise (though with plus control), Jyousou Gakuin has the advantage unless shown otherwise.  I'd like to see the boys from Otaru do well, but it's hard to see them getting far.

Hokushou (Minami Hokkaido)
SS Tomita Kaito
2B Igarashi Ryuutarou
CF Yoshida Yuuto
C Obata Hiroki
LF Sawada Takumi
1B Domon Kanata
RF Murakami Kaito (#18)
P Oogushi Kazuya
3B Kaneko Yuuki

Jyousou Gakuin (Ibaraki)
CF Takashima Shouta
C Yoshinari Yuusuke (#9)
1B Ishii Daiki
3B Uchida Yasuhito (#2)
2B Shindou Suguru
SS Yoshizawa GakushiLF Ikezawa Kouhei
P Iida Harumi
RF Ganryuu Tatsuya (#15)


15:45 - First Pitch!

Top 1st
First pitch is a flyout to right by Tomita.

Iida again a "regular" ace - fasball in themid 130's, slider and change in the 110s.

Igarashi work the count full before grounding out to 3rd. Yoshida also gets to 3 balls, but fouls out to Uchida for the 3rd out.

Bottom 1st
Oogushi begins his campaign by getting Takashima to ground to short.  Yoshinari grounds out to the opposite side.

And in a bit of trickery, Obata starts outside and the pitch goes over the plate.  Ishii makes good hard contact, but right to Igarashi for the 3rd out.

Top 2nd
Hokushou continuing to work the count.  Obata goes 2-2 before being able to get around on a change inside for strike 3.  Sawada works the count full but is way ahead of a changeup for Iida's 2nd K.

Domon also gets ahead of Iida 2-0, but goes after a pitch out of the zone and grounds to Uchida for the 3rd out.  Looks like while Iida falls behind in counts, he doesn't give in with an easy strike.

Bottom 2nd
Uchida gets the first hit for both sides with a single back up the middle.

Shindou with the bunt, but Oogushi quickly is on it and fires a strike to 2nd to get the leadoff runner!

Yoshizawa up as the Jyousou ouen-dan plays a Waseda cheer song.

Oogushi paying a lot of attention to Shindou at 1st, the count runs full.  But while Sasaki-kantoku goes for the hit and run, Yoshizawa hits it back up the middle where both Tomita and Igarashi are converging.  Tomita flips to Igarashi and his throw to 1st, completes the double play!

Top 3rd
For a student body of 235, Hokushou has a good ouen-dan.

Murakami with a hard liner, but right to Uchida.

Oogushi hits a grounder to 2nd, but Shindou misplays the high hop and it trickles behind him. Kaneko with the sac bunt, but while it's off to his left, Iida falls off to the left and quickly gets to it, fires to Yoshizawa who goes back to Ishii for the double play!

Bottom 3rd
Ikezawa with a solid single though the left side, and Iida bunts him along to 2nd for last batter Ganryuu.  Oogushi gets him to ground back up the middle.  Tomita goes to 1st for the 2nd out, but now the opening run stands 90 feet away as the order flips back to the top and Takashima.

...who promptly screws himself into the ground on a slider down and away for the 3rd out.

Top 4th
Hokushou still looking for a base hit, and Tomita fouls a pitch off his knee... ouch.

Hokushou ouen-dan playing "Train-Train", as he is jammed inside twice and fouls it back twice.  And again...

He's straightening it out though as he hits one about 20 feet foul past the pole...  And a hard liner that is about 15 feet foul down the 3rd base side.  Iida tries a slider, but he just gets a piece of that one.

So Iida goes even further out... and Tomita flails for strike 3.

After a 1 pitch flyout by Igarashi, Yoshida follows that up with a solid single to left center!

And then takes off way too early and is run down by Yoshizawa for the 3rd out.  But at least they have their first hit.

Bottom 4th
Yoshinari trying to get the offense started with a safety bunt, but fouls it off.  Instead, he gets Oogushi's 1st walk and a small opening shows up

Bunt down the 3rd base line, Kaneko to Domon, AH!

I wonder if the shadows had something to do with it, because it's like he didn't see it at all and the shadows are halfways between the first base line and the line from 2nd to 3rd.


Oogushi tries to go inside to Uchida, but he turns it right around to center!  Yoshida running back... He stops!


I wonder if Koushien is using the juiced balls, because there has been a f&@#ton of HRs early.  Uchida adds to that total as he gives Jyousou Gakuin the 3-0 lead.

And after 2 quick outs thereafter, Oogushi gets himself into trouble again.  He walks his 2nd batter this inning in Ikezawa, then Iida singles past Tomita.

Fortunately, Oogushi gets Ganryuu to ground into a fielder's choice to end the inning, but down 3 will be a lot to ask for from Hokushou.

Top 5th
Cleanup batter Obata chases another ball outside and goes down for the 2nd straight AB. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, Sawada singles back up the middle.

Only to be a tick late getting back to 1st on a pickoff throw.  2 outs and Domon grounds to 3rd for the 3rd out.

Bottom 5th
Takashima with a gapper to left center for a leadoff double.  Sasaki-kantoku playing add-on has Yoshinari bunt the runner along...

And a pitch from Ooguchi goes 5-hole on Obata allowing Takashima to score making it 4-0 Jyousou.

Oogushi retires Ishii on a infield fly, and Uchida goes down swinging on a slider to end the inning.  But Jyousou looks to be in control of this game as we head to the break,

Top 6th
Murakami gives Hokushou their 3rd base hit with a single back into center.  Kawakami-kantoku will play for the single run as Oogushi lays down the bunt.

After a quick flyout from Kaneko, Murakami is picked off 2nd to end the inning.  That's 3 pickoffs so far and we're only in the 6th!

Bottom 6th
#17 Gotou in the game now for Murakami and in RF.

Shindou with a single to right, and Sasaki-kantoku continuing to put pressure as Yoshizawa bunts him along.

Ikezawa with a blast to right over new RF Gotou and he's easily into 3rd with an RBI triple to make it 5-0.

Iida following with a well-executed squeeze and it's 6-0. Ganryuu flies out to end the inning, but Jyousou well on their way to the 2nd round.

Top 7th
Hokushou pretty much folding their tents now.  Yoshida does connect for a 2-out double off the fence, but otherwise they go with a whimper.

Bottom 7th
And Oogushi's day is done.  #11 Saitou Kouki comes in relief for the embattled ace.

Jyousou Gakuin looking to get out of the afternoon heat, goes down quickly in order well in control with a 6 run lead.

Top 8th
Yep, tents folded.  Not much fight left from the boys up north as they go quickly in order.

Bottom 8th
#15 Nishiya comes in for Domon at 1B.  He immediately has to try and pick a throw from Kaneko but can't.  After a flyout to center from Shindou, he gets picked off.  Saitou issues his first walk to Yoshizawa, but it's inconsequential as Saitou gets Ikezawa to end the inning.

Top 9th
Kawakami-kanoku empties the bench in the bottom of the order.  #9 Takayama comes in for Saitou, and hits a liner back to Iida for the first out.  #13 Kawabata comes in for Kaneko, but strikes out swinging.

Tomita's last AB as a HS player goes down on a check swing as Jyousou Gakuin advances with a 6-0 win.

There's not really a lot to say about this one.  Oogushi looked okay early, but after the 3-run HR it didn't feel like they thought they were in it.  A rather disappointing effort from Hokushou - I really thought they might have had more fight, but I guess not.

For Jyousou Gakuin, Iida faces one more than the minimum despite giving up 4 hits.  (There were a lot of pickoffs).  Might want to get some more practice in all things considered.

Notable Players
Iida Harumi (Jyosou Gakuin) - CG, SHO, 4 H, 7 K, 0 BB
Uchida Yasuhito (Jyosou Gakuin) - 2-4, HR, R, 3 RBI
Ikezawa Kouhei (Jyosou Gakuin) - 2-3, 3B, R, RBI, BB
Yoshida Yuuto (Hokushou) - 2-3, 2B
Sawada Takumi (Hokushou) - 1-3
Murakami Kaito (Hokushou) - 1-3

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