Monday, August 15, 2011

Two other things about Days 3 and 4...

First on Day 3, I was in the center seats trying to let my skin rest from being burnt to a crisp. Literally.

Then during the 1st game, people start emerging from the "underground" area that you can see behind home. There were a lot of cameras and the person they were hovering around sat one row and a couple of seats to my right. The way the cameras were positioned I would have been in the background if there was any.

I tried not to look directly over because I hate it when other people do that on TV. But about halfway through the interview, I realized who it was.

It was Sawa Homare from the Women's World Cup Champions!

When the interview was over I was going to say something to the tune of "Congratulations", but I think the last thing I needed was to have her give me a blank stare at a person who spoke in English.

On Day 4 when I was in the Chiben Wakayama section, I was thinking about what I'd do if a foul ball went my way.

Then one of the batters hit one deep down the left field line, and it was coming right at me. I was so dumbfounded though, I just reached my hand out like an idiot and the ball deflected off my upper arm. There's a good size bruise there now. If I had actually done what I had planned on doing, I'd have my 2nd ball in the 2 Koushien's I've attended.

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