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93rd Koushien Qualifying - July 10th & 11th (Part 2)

The tour continues...

Chiba was fairly quiet on the 1oth save for a couple of games at Funabashi.

Funabashi Higashi continually had to play from behind against Abiko Nikaidou. Down to their last 3 outs, and Abiko having scored the previous half inning, Funabashi finds a way to tie the game. And having survived that, they go on to score the go-ahead run in the 10th to win 3-2!

Kashiwa too had to score a run late to send it into extras against Ichikawa Minami. For them, it wouldn't be until the 11th where they would break the impasse with 2 runs.

Narita started their road to Koshien on the 11th facing Ichihara Yawata at QVC Marine Stadium. They had no trouble as they won 10-0 in 6.

In other games, at Ichihara Rinkai, Chiba Minami puts together 3 scoring innings to defeat Shiritsu Chiba 3-1 while Ichihara Chuo scores 2 runs in the 8th to take the lead and eventually defeat Kashiwa Minami 4-3.

Meanwhile, over at Ichihara Kokufudai, Chiba Keizaidai Fuzoku and Nichidai Narashino each score in their first 4 innings. When the smoke cleared, Chiba Keizaidai was up 9-6. 3 more in the 7th shut the door.

Interestingly in the recaps, it's actually noted that in the Tousou Kougyou-Shimofusa game that Yamazaki hits a manrui home run to call the game at 13-1 in 6. Probably because the limit normally would be 10, but all runs from the HR count.

Over in Funabashi, Hashiba for Shounan Takayanagi makes 2 runs stick against Kamagaya Nishi winning 2-1, while in the middle game, Segawa for Sawara can't make the same lead stick as he gives up 4 runs to Abiko following his team scoring the first 2 runs of the game.

At Sodegaura, Amaha's Hosaka is able to make his team's 3-run 3rd stick despite giving up a run in the 7th and 8th to Funabashi Shibayama.

And finally at Yachiyo, Mobara ties the game against Shibaura Koudai Kashiwa in the bottom of the 9th, but while they would hang on for 2 more innings, Shibaura Koudai would score 2 in the 12th for the win.

Nishi Tokyo
With Tokyo not initially announcing where games were played on the PDF I used, I'm going to cover games by stadium rather than by day.

Akiruno Municipal
Day 1 saw a barnburner between Jyousui and Nishi. Nishi after going down 3-0 in the top of the first comes back to build a 8-3 lead. That would hold until the 7th when Jyousui mounted a comeback. 7 unanswered runs later and it was Jyousui who once again had the lead at 10-8. Nishi had to score 2 in the bottom of the 9th to send it into extras, which they did! 3 innings later, Jyousui would push across the go-ahead run to win 11-10!

The close games continued at Akiruno as Shouwa Dai-ichi Gakuen stays a step ahead of Haijima 4-2 while Hikarigaoka wins 3-2 over Suginami in 10.

Kami-Yugi Kouen
Games on day 1 were both called early. On day 2, Eimeikan scored 5 runs late to beat Nagayama 5-1. In game 2, Meijidai Nakano scores 2 in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game at 3, then scores the sayonara run in the 10th to defeat Tamagawa Gakuen!

Tama Ipponsugi
Nichidai-ni continues to try and escape the shadows of Nichidai-san and started their journey with a 15-1 win over Suginami Kougyou in 5.

Meanwhile, Kokugauin Kugayama continues to live a charmed life. Up 4-0 to St. Paolo Gakuen, they squander the entire lead and in fact trail 6-4 going into the top of the 9th...

...and then proceed to score 4 runs to win 8-6. Really??!

Day 2 had Machida Kougyou defeating Kinjyou 3-1 while Oberlin begins their journey by defeating Minami-Tama 15-0 in 5.

Hachiouji Municipal
All games held here were blowouts with Toukaidai Sugao, Fuchuu Kougyou, Nichidai-san and Horikoshi all advancing.

Higashi Tokyo
Edogawa Ward
A couple of close games here where Shouin holds off Aoi 5-4, Risshisha holds off Yasuda Gakuen 3-2, and Seiritsu Gakuen emerges victorious over Nihon Gakuen after a flurry of runs in the middle innings!

Akishima Municipal
It's blowouts here as Kinjyou Gakuen, Keika Shougyou, Komaba, and Kasai Minami all advance.

Meiji Jingu
Katsushika Shougyou pulls one out against Oushuukan with 2 runs in the 7th. Teikyou dispatches Sangyou Gijyutsu 20-1 in 5. And all games in the 2nd day were more blowouts. Azabu, Adachi Gakuen and Jyousaidai Jyousai all advance.

Meiji Jingu Dai-ni
Daidou Bunkadai Dai-ichi is able to respond to a 7-run inning by Jyuuten with 7 of their own in the next 2 innings for a 11-9 win. Jyoutou and Ueno Gakuen advance on day 2.

Oota Stadium
Toukaidai Takanawadai survives a barnburner 11-8 over Tokyo Noudai Dai-ichi. Edogawa scored 3 in the 8th to beat Arakawea Shougyou. 2 blowouts highlight the 2nd day.

Komazawa Stadium
Nichidai-ichi is the first of the numbered Nichidai schools to fall, losing to Kokushikan 2-0. Not something to be ashamed of for sure. Meanwhile, Seiryou defeats Sugamo 5-4 in 11 innings.

Fuchuu Municipal
All blowouts here with Nichidai Sakuragaoka being the prominent team to lose from the games played here.

Meiji Daigaku
Same goes for here where all games played were blowouts.

Tachikawa Municipal
4 runs in the 8th give Chiyoda Kuritsu Kudan the win over Kyouei Gakuen, while Higashi gets the last word in versus Hiro-o winning 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th. On day 2, Sundai Gakuen and Yukigaya advance with little resistance.

In the opening game played at Baystars Stadium, Hakusan led early only to see Tachibana come back to tie it up at 5. However, Hakusan had all of the opportunities, including the one that scored the sayonara run to win 6-5.

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