Saturday, March 19, 2011

Senbatsu is on, but with a few changes

Haru Koushien will indeed go on, but there will be several changes which are quite understandable given the circumstances:
  • The traditional march of teams into the stadium from the RF entrance will be canceled. As a result, games on Day 1 will be pushed ahead 20 minutes.
  • The interval between games will be shortened to limit night games (to prevent usage of the stadium lights per the energy conservation order)
  • The Alps stands (where the school's cheering section is - roughly from halfway up from the corner bases to the foul poles) will be prohibiting brabans (brass bands) and cheering. (Unfortunate, but sociologically makes sense)
  • A portion of the ticket sales will go to help the victims of the quake/tsunami.
  • Donation boxes will also be available for people at the stadium to make their own donations.
  • Any ticket holder from the Tohoku region who cannot attend due to the earthquake/tsunami will receive a refund.

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