Thursday, January 8, 2009

第111回秋季中国地区高校野球大会 (111th Fall Chuugoku Tournament)

Not wanting to miss the view, we take the Special Rapid to the Sanyo Line to Kurashiki and the Chuugoku tournament.

In a field filled with new faces, two familiar ones reach the final in Kurashiki Kougyou and Nanyou Kougyou. And even though Kurashiki Kougyou needed 12 innings in the semifinals the prior day, they took advantage of some home cooking and defeated Nanyou 4-1. It's interesting that Kurashiki Kougyou won given the fact that they qualified as the #4 team from Okayama. Just goes to show that all you need is to get in.

Speaking of the new faces, what happened to the familiar ones? Given, I'm not sure how many teams people remember from this area - not a knock against the Chuugoku region, but just that in general the teams coming out of the region are not really considered strong.
  • In Okayama, hard-luck Kanzei made it to the prefectural qualifiers, but lost in the quarterfinals to Kurashiki Kougyou 5-4.
  • In Hiroshima, Kouryou also reached the prefectural qualifiers, but too lost in the quarterfinals to eventual runnerup Shinjyou 5-3. Meanwhile, Jyosuikan didn't even make it past its first game losing to Kousai Gakuin 6-5.
  • In Yamaguchi, Iwakuni made it to the regional tournament but lost to Nanyou in the quarterfinals 2-1.

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