Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...and in other news, Yoshida Eri!

Ok, I admit I've gotten lazy regarding the Koshien statistics, but I did find an interesting story on the internet:

High school girl picked in draft for new Kansai professional baseball league

And another blog talks more about it here.

Now sure, it's a new league, and there can be publicity stunts like this going on to promote the league, but if nothing else there is one promising sign that this is more than that.

She throws a submarine knuckleball.

Now how cool is that? I mean, I don't play baseball, but I found that I'm more accurate throwing submarine, and I've always thought about seeing if a submarine knucleball was possible just for kicks, and here is a 16-year old girl doing it!

And if there's a pitch that you can get away not throwing hard, it's a knuckleball.

(I also found youtube videos of her, here and here)

I'll be just as intrigued about Yoshida Eri as I am about the possible move by Tazawa Jyunichi to the majors!

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