Monday, March 22, 2010

Um... What were they thinking???!!!

Ok. This is out of sequence with my game reports (as I try to keep them in chronological order), but I have to comment on this even though I haven't gone through the game yet because I was box score watching in the Kouryou-Ritsumeikan Uji game while going through the Miyazaki Kougyou-Maebashi Kougyou videos.

What in the world was Ritsumeikan Uji thinking when they decided to have the runner steal? Bottom 9, down 7-6, runners at the corners, and you decide to send the WINNING run to 2nd??

Not the tying run, the WINNING run.

You made the 3rd out trying to get the WINNING run in scoring position.

Sure, if you had runners at 2nd and 3rd and you were down 1 and you get a base hit you would consider sending the 2nd runner home to end it, but really? Really??

This easily trumps the boneheaded decision by the Tenri manager to change pitchers. Get the tying run in first, THEN you can worry about getting the winning run in scoring position.

I was talking about this with someone earlier and we couldn't find any possible reasoning where this would make sense. Thinking about it now, the ONLY way this makes sense is if this was a double steal situation. But then the runner going to 2nd should stall if he realizes he's caught. So it's possible the runner on 3rd might have missed a sign.

But no, the runner going to second was going full bore as if to steal it outright. So this decision is just plain inexcusable.

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